A brand is a promise, big idea or expectation that lives in the mind of each customer that encounters, considers or experiences a product, service or company.

And like it or not, customers have thoughts, form opinions and expectations of products, services and businesses – some positive, some negative. Quite often, branding is the only way you can control these opinions and, importantly, this means you need to be in control of your brand. You need to be sure it really is standing for what you want it to stand for and saying what it should be saying.

If you believe your brand is lacking, needs realigning or reinvigoration then it might be you need some Blenheim Brand Therapy™.

What is Blenheim Brand Therapy™?

It’s part looking at the past, part analysing the present, and part foretelling the future. It’s taking a good hard look at your brand and seeing if it stacks up against your competitors.

It’s reviewing your values and deciding if they are relevant to your customers. It’s talking to your staff to see if they know how to consistently deliver your brand promise.

It’s taking an independent view of how you communicate, to help you find clarity and consistency. It’s a plan and a way to help you move forward in revitalising your brand. 

To find out more about Blenheim Brand Therapy™ contact our Creative Director, Steve Blenheim